The Annual Report of “Fiza Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti” constitutes a brief narration about the activities undertaken by the Society. The report enumerates in it the sincere and effective attempts made by “Fiza Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti” over the year to carry on with a number of its objectives embodied in the bye-laws. The report also expresses the extent of Society of the organization for the all-round development of the rural mass, the down trodden and the neglected sections of the Society through a series of initiatives.

“Fiza Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti” the name signifies, has mobilized its endeavor for growth of education with particular emphasis on health, education, environmental protection, rural development, women empowerment and human rights. Organization began with very limited resources as well as manpower. The organization aims to the Society through capacity building of the people. But apart from this, “Fiza Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti” has not forgotten to see the community is much strengthened with provision of basic human needs, minimum amentias of life on equitable basis.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is more desirable than anything else in life. “Fiza Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti” has taken much care to improve health and sanitation through adequate awareness.

Social justice is never possible without proper equable distribution of the country’s resources. “Fiza Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti”, therefore has put up much of its endeavor to see to see that the assistance and support of Govt, and Non-Govt, organizations meant for the public good must reach their appropriate destinations.

It is our immense pleasure to place the Annual Report before all our patrons, well- wishers and also critics from whom we imbibe a lot for our growth support and substance.

I express my sincere thanks to the resource person and experts for sharing their views and experiences in various programs conducted by “Fiza Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti”. I also accord my heartfelt gratitude to the development agencies, govt, officials and well- wishers for the co-operation and support they have extended in materializing our objectives.

- Aziz Khan

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Fiza Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti regularly conducts its accounts and brings out audited statement of accounts at the close of every financial year. The audited statement of accounts for the last 3 years is attached herewith. The name of the auditor and his office address with contact details are as follows:

Avtar & Company (Chartetered Acountants)
30, Hope Circus, Alwar-301001